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Your Telemarketing

Laura Morrison’s business, Your Telemarketing, has a proven track record helping East Anglian entrepreneurs grow their businesses. Yet when, after 2  years of successful trading, the search began for finance to help grow her own business, Laura found the lending criteria of mainstream banks too limiting. Aware of Foundation East, she turned to us for help. Now, Your Telemarketing has outpaced all expectations, doubling number of employees, more than doubling the turnover and making it onto the region’s Future50 cohort in 2016

Turning cold calls into hot leads takes time and talent. Once accomplished, it delivers ongoing success in terms of income and customer loyalty. Laura Morrison and her Bury St Edmunds based team at Your Telemarketing are experts at supporting small and medium sized businesses with flexible, affordable telemarketing solutions that consistently achieve such success.

Growing from strength to strength during its first 2 years of trading, Laura saw an opportunity for further growth, growth that required investment. Armed with a strong business plan, Laura began to research funders. She soon discovered that mainstream banks’ limitations on loans for newly established businesses would mean downsizing growth plans.

Luckily, Laura was aware of Foundation East, having worked on a telemarketing campaign for us. Understanding the nature of a Mutual Society providing Responsible Finance, she felt strongly that taking a loan from us fitted with her organisation’s values. So she approached her local Responsible Finance Provider, Foundation East.

“Having worked with Laura we knew how capable she was. A very professional person, taking professional guidance and advice, Laura was keen to grow her business and to create local jobs. She could clearly meet repayments through her business’s progress and we were delighted to support her,” advises her Lending Manager.

Though suitably stringent, Laura appreciated our support with her loan application:

“There was a lot of paperwork and you need a business plan (which I already had and any good business should too), but it was no more complicated than any other loan process, and, with Foundation East you have an expert advisor on hand to help.”

Laura’s application was approved with Foundation East’s standard condition that Laura use a business coach, which, she advises, has been extremely helpful in enabling Your Telemarketing’s growth.

Indeed, Your Telemarketing is flourishing, with 3 new jobs created, 4 jobs saved and plans to recruit 2 more.

“Foundation East is exceptional in the region for providing financial support to businesses with real potential to deliver services and solutions that create jobs. Where traditional lenders only look at the financial position and the bottom line, Foundation East sees the person behind the business, their drive, ambition, and capability to deliver against a robust business plan.

“Foundation East met with me as the business owner, listened to my story, my position and my plans. They believed in me, and my ability. With their support I have nearly doubled in size. The business is continuing to grow, and I plan to further double our staff.”

Foundation East is not alone in believing in Your Telemarketing’s potential. In September 2016 it was recognised for its innovation, exceptional leadership and ability to grow, gaining a prestigious place in the region’s Future50 businesses list.

Investing in Foundation East by purchasing CITR shares can help us to assist other businesses, like Laura's, fund their growth requirements.