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David Close

David Close

How long with Foundation East: Since December 2013

Responsibility: Responsible for corporate contracts, process, procedures, ICT and relevant budgets. I use my experience and background in IT and systems development across all aspects of Foundation East.

Experience: I have personal experience in working within the private sector with my family’s company, the public sector by working for the council and third sector businesses such as Foundation East and other non-profit organisations. This enables me to have a wide understanding of new and existing businesses, understanding their needs from initial thought through to deals worth millions.

I enjoy working for Foundation East because: We have a great team of people who share the same values and goals.

My greatest achievement: With my outstanding natural abilities my greatest achievements are too long to list on a single page, each achievement being greater than the last!

After hours: I am a petrol head, technology geek, urban explorer and comedy fan.

Contact David:

T: 01284 636 314

E: david.close@foundationeast.org